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Redhead Aviation, LLC is a full service corporate aircraft sales and marketing company. Whether you are selling or acquiring an aircraft, allow our experienced and professional team to help. We work hard to make sure your investment in aviation is as rewarding as possible. Whether you are interested in one of our Dealer Owned, or Brokered aircraft, you can be sure it has passed our extensive screening process. You can feel comfortable knowing that you are making a wise investment in one of our high quality aircraft. We are happy to accept trade-ins on any of our owned or client brokered aircraft. Please read on to learn more about our services.

Aircraft Dealer

As a dealer, we purchase aircraft for resale.

We seek undervalued, high quality aircraft on our worldwide data base. After a thorough pre-purchase inspection, and after clear title is confirmed with no liens, we purchase the aircraft. We place it in our inventory only after it completes a further inspection and refurbishing process. All of this is accomplished in unison with our partnering company, NAI Aircraft Services, located on the Brackett Airport in La Verne, CA. If we feel it necessary, we will proceed with certain upgrades whether it is avionics, paint or interior. It is not uncommon for a buyer to purchase the aircraft during this process and be instrumental in the upgrade decisions. In the end you can feel comfortable knowing that you have purchased an aircraft of the highest quality.

Aircraft Broker

Let an experienced aircraft broker sell your aircraft for you.

Allow us to eliminate the hassle of you selling an aircraft on the open market and by rewarding you with the highest value possible. Screening potential buyers can take much of your time and effort. As experienced professionals, we determine who the serious buyers are versus parties who are just seeking information for various reasons.

Initially we will meet with you and inspect your aircraft. Next we appraise the aircraft and determine the market value. Our goal is to reward you with the most reasonable return possible. This is done by  effectively marketing your aircraft and knowing what target markets to hit. We have a huge network with brokers that are constantly seeking aircraft for other clients. There are times when a buyer may want to trade in their aircraft. Redhead Aviation, LLC may agree to terms that allow us to purchase the trade in, thus keeping an expanded market open for you.

Once there is an agreement to accepted offer, we provide the step by step process of transferring the aircraft to the buyer. We closely monitor the pre-buy inspection. We complete and file all the appropriate forms and documents. At times it is necessary to assist in aircraft financing or opening an aircraft escrow account. We initiate and follow up with this process. In the end we strive to ensure that the experience of selling your aircraft to be as rewarding as possible.

Aircraft Acquisition Assistance

Let an aircraft acquisition professional assist with your aircraft purchase.

Since this is one of the most important steps of aircraft ownership, allow us to help you make the correct choice. First, we will discuss your mission requirements and the budget allowed for the purchase. Once the anticipated aircraft type and price has been determined, we will assist in pre-qualifications for aircraft financing and insurance.

With the use of our worldwide database and many other dealer organizations, we have a huge market of aircraft to choose from. With our experience and expertise, we help you determine which aircraft to pursue. Once found, we continue with the screening process to:

  • Provide you with specifications and pictures of the aircraft.

  • Review the aircraft logbooks and inspection records.

  • Coordinate a flight demonstration.

  • Negotiate the terms and conditions.

  • Closely monitor the pre-purchase inspection.

  • Complete the aircraft purchase contract.

  • Upon the acceptance of our offer, execute the purchase contract.

  • Coordinate the escrow account.

  • Make a final determination if the aircraft is acceptable.

  • Coordinate the importing or exporting of the aircraft if applicable.

  • Confirm the title conveyance and issue the Bill of Sale and Registration.

 The choice is yours.
Let us help you make the correct one.

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